Horath AG was founded in 1985 by Sylvie & Karl Horath and is based in Zurich (Switzerland).

Originally started as a two-men operation with the customs clearance and handling of perishable goods (at the beginning especially flower import), the company has turned into a serious player at Zurich Airport.

Small but nice is still our motto. Even today we are a small business and organize primarily air freight shipments to and from Zurich.

A bit of trucking and ocean freight enrich our everyday life and here we can rely on strong partners, with whom we have been working closely for many years.

In the field of aviation we were able to establish ourselves across Switzerland, be it Basel, Zurich, Berne or Geneva, everywhere we are well connected with the responsible customs authorities (aviation teams).

Since 2018 we are part of Fast Forward Group.


Wir arbeiten ausschliessliech aufgrund der Allgemeinen Bedingungen des Verbandes schweizerischer Speditions und Logistikunternehmen (AB SPEDLOGSWISS), neuste Fassung.
Gerkhtsstand ist Glattbrugg.

Terms and Conditions

We work exclusively on the basis of the general terms and conditions of the Association of Swiss Forwarding and Logistics Companies (AB SPEDLOGSWISS), latest version.
The place of jurisdiction is Glattbrugg.